Born on a farm, Zahir was more then willing to take up his father’s profession. He felt comfortable in the village. The life wasn’t easy, as trolloc attacks happened. But it was a good life.

This all ended though when Zulfiqar came. He came from the Blight, badly wounded, draggin himself towards the town. Zahir found him, and helped him reach the village. In the days that followed, it became clear the man wouldn’t survive. So one night, he called Zahir to him, ordering the 12 year old to travel to the capital, and deliver a letter to his order.

Arriving in the city, Zahir felt trapped and lost, following the directions he was given. He arrived at his destination, delivered the letter, prepared to return home. Home. If only he had known how long he’d be gone, he probably would have said proper goodbyes. He was informed that Zulfigar had appointed him as his succesor within the royal guard. Something about him had made the old man believe it was his destiny to join. Destiny. A word he has grown to hate. He would have declined then and there, if not for the Order’s promise to keep an eye on his village and his father’s farm. He realised he had a duty to perform, and one he would never have thought of before.

During the years that followed, he was trained into a a weapon, molded into part of a group of warriors. He became less of a farmer each day. Whenever harvest came though, he asked, and was allowed, to go and aid the nearby farms. He claimed he could not serve the Crown, if he didn’t serve her underlings. This willingness to do whatever task asked of him, especially those others would reject because of their ‘station’, did earn him many laughs but also respect. It helped him grow within the order.

When the queen ordered her guard to find Faile, Zahir was one of the chosen ones. He wasn’t happy to leave the queen, but was more then willing to leave the confines of the city behind him; Little did he know he would actually succeed in his task. He found the princess, informing her she was expected back home. He wasn’t truely succesfull in getting her to go. After several weeks she told him to go on a mission for her. If he would succeed, he should return to her, and they would return to the capital.

Lots has changed since he turned 12. And Zahir isn’t sure he is very happy with the way his life has turned out. He does, however, have his Duty. He will do whatever is needed to fullfil it.

Zahir was killed by trollocs while the group was exploring ruins from old Manetheren. He was buried in the mountains of Manetheren.


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