After we got back from the ruins of Manetheren there were still some things to do, like finding out what that rod we found actually does. Roland had been testing it along the way to Edmond’s field, and apparently it only reacts to elemental weaves, and all it seems to do is absord the power of the weaves you channel when holding it, not all that useful, but i’m sure that’s not the main purpose of the orb.

Alanna and Verin have informed me that they are going back to Tar Valon, and that they have found quite a few new candidates to bring along. They haven’t exaggerated either. So many new initiates haven’t been found in such a small area for a very long time, and all of them are quite powerful, more then average. But that is not of my concern of course, though the opportunity of them travelling back to the white tower of course can’t be missed, so I decided to travel with them, at least as far as Caemlyn, maybe even all the way to Cairhien. My warder still needs to rest, his mind is still fragile.

While waiting for them to be ready to depart, Roland resumed testing the rod, standing in a field close to the town, but far enough not to do any damage involuntarily. Nothing seemed to give us any results however until Verin suggested we tried linking. I was reluctant to try it, linking with a male channeler, but for the sake of the experiment i went along. Not my brightest move ever I must admit. I felt Roland channeling a fireball, and the next thing i know is waking up in bed with a terrible headache, unable to draw on the one power. Feeling the bond with my warder did reasure me that it was still there, but the headache is probably preventing me from concentrating hard enough to grasp it. It’ll come back soon enough, and either way, a few days of rest will do me good. And I think Raimund was a bit satisfied of the outcome, at least the smug expression on his face when he told me what had happened makes me think that. He worries though, and he’s right in doing so. So I told him that if i ever wanted to try something as foolish as that again, he should just knock me unconscious.

The next few days I did little more then rest, only really getting up to do my sword training and to teach Raimund the old tongue.

A few days later we finally left Edmond’s field, and besides Alanna, Verin, their warders and our newest charges, an aiel woman has joined us. Apparently Roland picked her up in the village and she seems to have taken a fancy to him. The trip to the river was rather uneventful, but the same can’t be said about the trip to Baerlon. Along the road we were halted by whitecloaks, and everything would have gone well if not for one of the girls mentioning that we were Aes Sedai. Whitecloaks don’t need more reason to attack, and in the fight one of Alanna’s warders died. I can see how much pain this causes my sister, and no matter that the whitecloaks paid in blood as none of them had escaped, nothign will erase that feeling of loss. I can see why Raimund wants me to end the bond prematurely in such a case, but I won’t ever do that, no matter what he says to try and convince me. The death of Alanna’s warder has only strengthened my resolve that, when the time comes, I will not release the bond, not if there is still a chance i can save his life.

The rest of the trip to Baerlon nothing of note happened, and i spent most of my time close to Alanna, to give her the support she needs, if and when she needs it. Once inside Baerlon we found ourselves places in an inn, and while this was just a stop-over for the night, quite a lot more happened there then on the entire trip there. For starters someone tried to poison the entire group, luckily the Aiel maiden had a premonition of this and because of that I had ample time to treat everyone against the effects before they had a chance to set in. Roland and his maiden went into the city in search of the assassin and came back a short while later, saying they had been attacked by an invisible attacker, something my warder names a grey man, a soulless shadowspawn that can disappear in plain sight. Sounds like a perfect assassin. Raimund insisted I stay in my room, guarded by the maiden, while he and Roland went to investigate some secret passages he had found in the inn. At the first sign of trouble, a fight breaking out between my warder and some myrdraal, I left the room and headed towards them, the maiden making no attempt at all to stop me. Needless to say Raimund wasn’t very pleased by that. We managed to disable the myrdraal for a while and got our horses and companions, to leave Baerlon immediately and head back to the open road, where it would be easier to defend against these threats. But as we left the stables, the myrdraal came back to block our escape. But being alone, the foul creature was little match for Roland’s power and mine, and we left it there, fataly injured.

When we finally made camp well outside the city, Raimund got angry with the maiden for not having guarded me better. He should really have been angry with me for not staying in my room but well, we already have enough things to shout at eachother about I guess.


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