Nealyn was sitting at the large ageworn desk in the center of Caemlyn’s largest library, absently chewing on the end of her quill as she looked over the books sprawled out before her. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she dipped the quill in the vial of ink and made a note in her own book. It had been three days since she had arrived in Caemlyn and she had spent most of that time in the library looking through the books in search of some clues towards the events that had been occuring recently, but her otherwise focussed mind kept drifting to other thoughts, unable to keep her attention ont he writtings for very long. The conversation she had with Grianne had unsettled her, and now her thoughts drifted to her friend time and time again, wondering what was going to happen. Again she sighed and shook her head to banish the thoughts from her mind and finish her research. She flipped through the pages of one of the books till she found what she was looking for, and again dipped the quill in the ink and set to writting. Half way through her first sentence she stopped, the point of the quill resting on the paper as the spot of ink spread slowly, staining the page. With a swift motion she stood up, the quill dropping from her hand and bouncing once on the table before falling to the ground. In the same motion she had closed her book and was already moving towards the entrance to the huge hall. The towerguard sitting near the entrance took a few moments before realising what was happening and got to his feet just as Nealyn swept past.

“clean up those books for me will you”

It wasn’t a question, and her tone was not kind as she kept walking.

“but my Lady…i’m supposed to stay with you at all times”

She stopped and stood still for a moment before turning around and looking at the young man. His face going red under her stern gaze.

“you will clean this up, and then you will ride back to Tar Valon and inform my sisters that i’ll be staying away longer then expected, do you understand?”

Without waiting for an answer she turned around again and started walking.

“something terrible has happened…”

She reached the exit and walked down the stairs and towards the young stableboy bringing her horse. She tossed him a coin before getting in the saddle and urging the mare into a steady pace as she headed towards the city gates. Something had happened to her friend, something terrible, else she would not be feeling the bond with her warder. The one thing she hadn’t wanted had happened, and Grianne’s precaution had obviously not been in vain. She grumbled under her breath as she rode fast through the streets, people scattering in front of her horse.

“he’d better not do anything stupid before i find him…”


Wheel of Time Milura