Chapter 1

Zahir arrives in Illian, following Faile’s trail and has an audience with Rand. He explains his purpose. Rand informs him he knows Faile, and that she left with his friend Perrin for Emonds field. He also proposes for Zahir to travel with one of his men, the Asha’man Roland. Together they set out for a long trip.

Roland and Zahir meet Nealyn and Raymund the first time in the area northeast of Taren Ferry. There is a battle with some whitecloacks at Tarren Ferry.

The group meets Alanna and Verin at a cabin. The next day they assist in the battle of Emonds Field.

Zahir starts guarding Faile. The rest has some rest.

Perrin asks Zahir to go look for the remaining shadowspawn and the whole party leaves for the mountains. They follow trollocs into some ruins from ancient Manetheren. Zahir is killed. Raymund finds an artifact from the Age of Legends. Roland has a moment of glory as he singlehanded kills of a group of shadowspawn including a fade.

Back in Manetheren Roland and eventually also Nealyn experiment with the ancient rod and blow a huge crater in one of the fields, and collapse a couple of houses.

After some rest they leave with Alanna and Verin towards Caemlyn. They have a bloody encounter with whitecloacks at Taren Ferry. In Baerlon they flee a Myrdraal and Grey Men. In Four Kings they see a big party of Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. Nealyn hears about the split of the White Tower.

Eventually they reach Caemlyn. Nealyn finds a member of the Blue Ajah, and they decide to head towards Salidar. Roland has a meeting with Rand and gives him a report. Rand decides to help the party get to Salidar faster and weaves skimming for them.

In the wilderness near Salidar they discover an ancient structure overgrown with Blightvine. They need to kill a monster. After they kill the blightvine they find it’s a cuellindar tower. The only entrance is some kind of hatch in the top. Trying to open the hatch destroys it and some kind of black smoke starts coming out. Eventually they close it off temporarily with a tied off weave. They find out it’s a structure erected during the last days of the Age of Legends at the site of some kind of experiment.

In Salidar Roland reveals himself after a few days. The Aes Sedai decide to leave him alone. Nynaeve’s party arrives there as does Siuan’s. Logain is healed, and Roland meddles in what the Aes Sedai see as Aes Sedai business and it almost comes to blows. Nealyn uses her dreaming ability to scout the white tower and meets Egwene. Egwene says she will come to Salidar and arrives a few days later.

Siuan suggests to Nealyn she might try to get to Rand as a counciler since she met him. The group sets out for Cairhien.

Nealyn swears an oath to Rand to get his trust. She starts investigating the rod again. Raymund looks for someone to train as a warder. The group kills a pack of Dark Hounds in the sewers.

Chapter 1

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