Chapter 10

Nealyn Sedai asked everyone still outside the warded room to stay out, while she and Raymund went on to get the rod.
They proceeded through some richly decorated rooms, until they entered one that appeared guarded by some kind of moving statue.. They had to pass a set of doors that somehow each asked them a rather difficult question before opening.

Eventually they reached the Hall of Servants directly beneath the Spire of Light. Nealyn remembered from her vision that the rod was kept on a heartstone table beside the Seat of Tamirlyn. The problem she faced was the fact that it was beneath a ward. Eventually she solved it by taking place in the Seat and pushing some buttons on the armrests, which made some text appear in Old Tongue. She managed to ‘deactivate’ some ‘security measures’ after which the ward disappeared.

In the mean time Roland and Niasha explored another part of the building and decided to climb the Spire of Light. It took quite some time, but at the top they saw the light was emitted by a crystal. When Nealyn deactivated the security measures the light winked out; and when she activated everything once more it came back on, blinding Roland. (It took one day for him to regain his vision)

The blademaster had found a huge, hidden, metal door. When the others got back to her she proposed opening it. It was extremely heavy. Inside they found some strange artifacts. They took some of them along.

Then they returned to Cairhien and found out the Dragon Reborn had left for Far Madding. Nealyn decided to take a few days off, while Roland decided to go after him. Niasha joined the Wise Ones. Roland discovered that men have nothing to say in that city, and he wasn’t allowed to enter without a woman companion. So he disguised himself as a woman to gain entrance.

Eventually Rand gathered everybody to go on a special mission with him He didn’t want to say what it was until they reached their destination. He was about to try and cleanse saidin. Roland, nealyn and Niasha were put in a circle with Nealyn guiding the flows. they were given Calandor to use in guarding Rand and Nynaeve while they were doing their thing.

Afterwards nealyn went to the white tower in the dreamworld. She discovered Tar Valon was under siege by Egwene, and Egwene herself had been captured. The group headed there. They heard some murders had taken place by someone wielding saidin. And 52 ashaman had been sent to be bonded as warders in compensation for the ones captured in the Black Tower. Roland was asked to investigate the murders, and at some point he sensed saidin being wielded. A fight erupted and Roland was caught in a ward. He tried to unweave it, but the thing went off in a blast of air collapsing every tent in the camp. In the mean time the blademaster had engaged the channeler and had followed him through a portal. Niasha used her powers to track the portal to Ebou Dar.

Chapter 10

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