Chapter 11

The heroes looked for a way to save their blademaster. Roland made a portal to where the dragon was staying and asked to learn the ward bore weave. He then used it to break her out of the master ward.

They chose not to pursue the forsaken even though he/she was gravely injured.

They then headed to Tar Valon for a meeting with the Amyrlin, Egwene. However they learned she’d been captured when trying to block the harbor, together with Leane, and had been made novice again. They also learned of her strict orders not to attempt any rescue.

Nealyn Sedai soon got entangled in the political maneuvres of the hall. She found out of the two camps forming around the two most powerful sitters.

She went to have a meeting with her in the dreamworld, but before she could find her she stumbled upon Siuan; and she managed to get part of Egwene’s plans out of her.

Eventually she had her meeting. She tried to convince Egwene her followers needed strong leadership; but Egwene maintained her position. She was going to remain in the tower to undermine Elaida further. She also warned Nealyn of her dream of Seanchan attacking the tower and asked her to prepare her followers since they weren’t listening.

Nealyn managed to bring in some Asha’man and an small army of Aiel and sent them scouting. After a few days scouts returned with news of an approaching army of flying Seanchan. So the camp outside of Tar Valon had time to prepare and attacked the Seanchan. Siuan decided to go in and free the Amyrlin with a small contingent, and Nealyn decided to join her.

Inside they fought Seanchan and managed to save a number of captured Aes Sedai and novices, and freed Egwene.

Later Egwene ordered Nealyn to take a small group and go to Seanchan to take the war there. She was to destroy the trangreal used to make adam, and cause as much trouble over there. It was decided to try and get the blademaster’s father in the black tower to make a portal to Seanchan. Raymund and Naisha sneaked in and managed to find the man, though he wasn’t really lucid anymore. He also couldn’t open a portal for some reason. Naisha discovered it was because of a magical effect made with the one power hanging over the area. They had to sneak out again before he could open a portal.

The group made it to the mountains south of the capital and decided to hike mounbtain trails, to minimise risk of being seen. On their way the chanelers used their powers to destroy a tower fortress of the Seekers; and eventually they could see the city on the horizon.

Chapter 11

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