Chapter 12

The heroes proceeded towards Seandar.
When they were about half a day’s travel from the gates it was agreed that Raymund and Naisha would go in and check the city, as did the blademaster on her own. By that time the air was completely dark with a heavy cloudcover as if a storm was brewing.

The blademaster went to have a chat with multiple people and managed to get a feeling of how the population was looking at the war and the imperial family. But as expected they trusted the empress and didn’t question her. At least not openly to a stranger. Flashing a Seeker’s badge is not an invitation to unburden one’s heart.

The other two sneaked into a damane house. They didn’t find what they were looking for, but managed to kidnap one. They took her back to Nealyn who decided to question her.

The damane didn’t know anything of terangreal of any kind. She was tied up and kept as a prisoner. During the night she tried to slip her bonds but it was noticed. They intimidated her into complete submision.

The day after the two scouts decided to sneak into the palace. Some of the party notice the cloudcover parting above the palace and a lightningbolt striking. Nealyn at that point spoke a prophecy about the dragon.

The scouts managed to get into the palace and noted chaos. They saw nobles dueling to the death, and eventually the saw a female chaneler disintigrating a pair. Eventually they reached the throneroom and saw the empress lying dead. Her guards had committed suicide.

They managed to reach the basements and a vault door. The door was damaged by balefire and they succeeded in opening it. Inside was the palace treasury, including a load of terangreal. They got the rest to head there by portal and managed to destroy the thing that makes a’dam. Nealyn noticed a terangreal she recognised from her viewing and they took it along. The a’shaman found a strange glass ball he took along.

They took the stuff to Cairhien and eventually tracked the dragon to Tear. There they noticed how he had changed.

Chapter 12

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