Chapter 2

Raymund woke up one night and found Nealyn gone from her room. He noticed the bond felt different and started looking. The few people he met acted strange or simply disappeared. The only person he met who seemed to act normal and wanted to talk was a woman named Karin. She said she awoke like that as well. Eventually they met a wise one who asked them what they were doing there. They found out they apparently were in the dreamworld in the flesh. The wise one suggested trying to enter the ways by means of the portal in one of the gardens in Cairhien. She said that doing that might bring them in the actual ways, and that they might be able to leave them into the real world. They succeeded in this after fighting a few trollocs.

It turned out Karin was a blademaster. Raymund decided to test her and see if she was worthy of carrying the power wrought blade he had found. After a short duel he handed it over to her.

Karin was in Cairhien to try and get an audience with the dragon reborn. She’s searching for her father who may have joined the ranks of the Asha’man. Raymund arranged a meeting.

The same day two badly hurt travelers arrived at the gates: an ogier carrying a trolloc sword and an aiel spearman. They told a tale of being captured for food but escaping. They had been fighting shadowspawn and bandits every day for weeks.

Not long after that a force of some 2000 Shienaran soldiers under command of Damor Ka-Hal arrived at the gates. Damor requested an audience with the lord dragon, and put his force of 2000 under his command.

Later the dragon asked to go explore the ruins of some city he had noticed while crossing the pass from the waste into Cairhien. The party met with some Shaido. By that time the Ogier was feeling very bad. They had a battle, and afterwards the Ogier was feeling ok.

They found the entrance to an underground complex from the age of legends. They also encountered a female chaneler who was collecting items in there. Raymund managed to take one item.

Chapter 2

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