Chapter 6

The group eturned to Illian to report back to Rand. Raymund decided to try and use a terangreal he had heard about to get some information. So they went to the vaults in Tear to use one of the red portals. He asked where the Rod of Dominion of warding was located; where the person was that looks like Karin Delanshar, and what had happened to Rowan in the Blight.

The answers he got are: The rod is being held in the Crystal Spire of the Hall of the Servants in Paaren Disen; they are no persons; and Rowan had been changed because the patern still had need of him.

Naisha went to the Wise Ones and had a very difficult decision to make as she was offered to become a Wise One herself. Who knows what the fates hold for her after she took her decision. How will Roland react? Roland himself went to the Wise Ones as well and asked about his own tattoo, which resembled that of the Aiel Chieftain. He asked if he was to become an Aiel Chieftain now. They said no, because he wasn’t an Aiel. Instead he brought the Wise Ones to the old city from the Lost Tribe where they could investigate the matter. He entered the tube and noticed it had become immune to his last magic, so he had to escape through casting a portal.

When he came out Raymund immediately stepped into the other portal. Inside he asked for: a means to locate the rods of dominion; a means to keep Nealyn Sedai safe; and all the information on Karin Delanshar. He received a ring that allows him to see a location as it is once per day, and that drives him mad with each use; the ability to take over all of Nealyn’s damage; and all the info but not the ability to share it.

When he got back they had a long talk, and Raymund discovered he couldn’t share his knowledge about Karin. in the end Nealyn managed to drag most of it out using simple yes and no questions.

Roland and Karin explored the westcoast to see if there was any kind of Seanchan incursions. They found a sympathiser in one of the cities who was promptly executed by Roland. Then they went on towards the south and met a patrol of 30 Seanchan riders. They went back and reported it to Rand. That the Seanchan were back.

Raymund also got summoned to Cairhien to be raised into nobility

Afterwards Raymun asked everyone to go to Ebou Dar. He wanted Niasha to use her power to perceive past events to try and see who killed his previous charge. When they stepped through the portal they noticed several columns of smoke over the city. And a few minutes later they were all knocked over by a enormous blast. When they got to the city they saw an enormous army of Seanchan sisembarking in the harbour.

They managed to get into the city and took up residence in an inn. Raymund and Niasha sneaked into the palace and managed to get the information they were looking for. Afterwards they planned to get a number of recently collared damane out of the palace. Nealyn, Niasha, Karin and Roland (disguised as a woman for the occasion) went back in and freed a big number of leashed women. They took these women to the the camp of the Salidar Aes Sedai, where Raymund looked around for information on the warder who killed his previous Aes Sedai.

Afterwards he asked Roland to take him to the vicinity of Tar Valon so he could get into their library to look for more information.

Chapter 6

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