Chapter 7

Raymund continued his search for information on who killed his previous Aes Sedai. He found out it was a warder bound to an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah.

She was not in Egwene’s camp. And she was last seen in the tower some two years ago.

In the mean time Rand planned a visit to Caemlyn to check on rumours of a borderlander army nearby. Roland went along. Once there they had a meeting with the commader of the borderlanders, Lord Bashere. Bashere joined his forces with Rand’s. During the party afterwards there was an attack by Mordeth and Rand w&s taken away by Roland and his elite strike force for healing.

Later Raymund returned to the white tower to try and steal the oath rod. He had some trouble locating it, but found an Aes Sedai bound with the one power in a vault. With some doing and luck he managed to free her, and she told him she’d been a prisoner of the Black Ajah. He decided to take her to Nealyn, but at the first opportunity she bolted. It took quite some time and effort, but in the end Nealyn and the rest rejoined him, and it was discovered the woman herself was Black Ajah. She revealed some info on the killing of Raymund’s previous charge. but Nealyn had tricked her and delivered her to Egwenen where she was executed.

The group went to Aringill to check the story and found a mansion guarded by a very old butler who said the previous owners were dead and the new ones hadn’t been there so far. In the basement the found the Aes Sedai and warder, just sitting and staring into nothing. They were killed.

Niasha started training to become Wise One; She can’t chanel, but her newfound ability to see the past was sufficient to adopt her in the ranks. So she went to Rhuidean. The rest took up residence there to wait for her return. Raymund discovered that the head of the warder he took along started to become soft and shapeless.

Chapter 7

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