Chapter 8

Naisha stayed away for her testing to become Wise One for 10 days. In the meantime Raymund tried to figure out what happened to his severed head, but the party didn’t get much farther then it was some kind of shadowspawn.

When Naisha returned he asked her to do some investigating and she tried her ability of Echoes of Yesterday. She discovered it had been made somewhere in the blight by a man who fit Sammael’s description, nine months ago.

Further investigation of the house in Illian, and other places led them back to Tar Valon. Raymund and Naisha went in search of an Aes Sedai appartment on a certain elevation looking at a certain angle towards Dragonmount. That was where the warder and his copy had been together.

After a lot of searching they concluded there had to be a secret room somewhere in the Brown Ajah quarters, but they couldn’t find a door. Looking from the outside they could see a window where the room was supposed to be, but it was shielded with the one power.

After a lot more searching they managed to get back on track, following the warder’s trail in time, heading towards the Black Tower.

In the Black Tower they learned a big group of Aes Sedai of the Rad Ajah had been captured and bonded by A’Shaman. Raymund found the warder and a duel followed. Raymund was victorious. A little later a very upset Aes Sedai arrived, claiming to be of the Red Ajah and having been ordered by the Amyrlin Seat to bond that warder. In the end they believed her story.

After having settled that the search for the Rod of Dominion of Warding could begin. They went back to Rhuidean to see if they could find some documents left by the Aes Sedai who helped build the place. The Wise Ones residing there took them to a small underground librairy. Nealy Sedai discovered a small book detailing the voyage of an Aes Sedai as she left Paaran Disen to the Aiel Waste. Following the landmarks discribed in it she intends to use it to backtrack her staps. She’s convinced Paaran Disen must now lie in the Mountains of Mist.

Chapter 8

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