Chapter 9

The group decided to head for the Mountains of Mist, in search of the Rod of Dominion of Warding.
Roland made a portal towards Jehannah. They saw evidence of attrocities in the region, and found the town filled with all kinds of rablle.

Some inquiring revealed the entire region was under controll of the Prophet of the Dragon, and he was ruling it as a tyrant. They decided to look for him and do something about him.

They met up with Lord Perrin and his small army and convinced him to let them try to kidnap the Prophet so he could be forced to coƶperate, and free Queen Aliandre.

Roland mad a portal into one of the chambers of the inn the prophet was using as his headquarters and Nealyn put a ward around the building preventing anyone from entering or leaving the area. Then they started a fight.

They managed to get the prophet and queen Aliandre out. Afterwards they assisted in getting the rest of the dragonsworn to follow Perrin.

After this they headed into the mountains. It took them about ten days of hiking and climbing to reach the glacier and at last saw a spire of light coming out of the ice. Raymund decided to try climbing down some of the fissures in the ice to look for an entrance and discovered the glacier was hollow, and there was a strange looking city underneath.

They searched the city and found a building complex surrounding a weird metal tower. Inside Raymund led the way and at some point disappeared after a weave of Saidin had gone off. Nealyn followed immediately and disappeared as well, after which the room closed off.

Raymund talked to some people, and was given the chance to go to the bore and gain some knowledge; he refused. Nealyn witnessed some debates between Aes Sedai about using the Choedan Kal or to send a team to close the bore. She decided to interfere and tell them what was going to happen if they decided on using the Choedan Kal. After this they were standing in the room again and the door behind them opened.

Nealyn asked the rest not to enter the room and wait for them.

Chapter 9

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