Nealyn Sedai had decided to remain in Edmond’s Field for a while to help it’s people. Verin Sedai and Alanna Sedai had come to the village to test the young girls for any aptitude with the One Power and they found plenty. I started to hope that we could accompany their group back to Tar Valon, strength in numbers and all. Nealyn Sedai took up residence in the Winespring inn, the largest building in Edmond’s Field and the only one made entirely out of stone. We had our first real argument here. As I expected she would not allow me to sleep in the same room as she does. I tried to explain that the extra seconds that are required to enter a room may prove fatal in case of an attack and that she would hardly notice me while I was there but it still took me the better part of an hour to convince her. I wish more Aes Sedai would understand that in order to protect them we have to be by their sides, always. The use of the One Power gives most of them a false sense that they are invincible but I have seen otherwise. Aes Sedai should be trained to accept the advice their Warders give them. When I return to Tar Valon I should mention this to master Coulin. Maybe he could talk to Sheriam Sedai.

A few days later we received word that a small group was going to be sent out in to the mountains to hunt down the remaining trollocks. To my surprise Nealyn Sedai decided to join them. I doubt she wanted to hunt trollocks but suspect that she was curious about some of the members of the hunting party. The two strange men we had met in the woods were there, one of them had turned out to be a male channeler in service of the Dragon Reborn, as were several aiel warriors, both male and female. Traveling with such companions almost made me favor the trollocks, at least with them you know what to expect. The trip was made even more uncomfortable by the dreams I had during the first night. I am used to dreaming of Grianne’s death by now. The dreams still pain me but I have learned to keep my focus while I am awake. These dreams were different however. They showed me hundreds of different ways in which I could lose Nealyn Sedai. Most of them I have thought of before, several of them were so horrible I could never have come up with them myself. Now that I have seen them I can prepare for them. If they were a warning than I shall heed it. Needless to say I was a little distracted and worried the next day. I tracked the trollocks to a remote location high up in the mountains. Nealyn Sedai informed us we were coming up on the lost city of Manetheren and we found some ruins not long thereafter. The shadowspawn had entered some underground corridors and so we followed. Nealyn Sedai suspected they were looking for some long forgotten artifact which made her even more curious I bet. The tunnels were dangerous. Some were flooded and crawling with poisonous snakes and others were on the verge of collapsing. The first trollocks we met were no match for us but the sounds of combat must have alerted the others for they were ready. The second group we met were two trollocks guarding the entrance to a room. They had positioned themselves perfectly at a bottleneck and were waiting for us to make a mistake. Zahir, the Saldean guard, was the first of us to walk in to the ambush. Overconfident from our previous encounter he charged in to the room and was quickly cut down by the scytheswords. These beasts were not the inexperienced warriors we had met before but battle-hardened veterans. Both Nealyn Sedai and I tried to save Zahir’s life but his wounds were too much and he died while the fight was still raging on. The Asha’man Grimm and Nealyn Sedai used their abilities to end the trollock’s lives and so we could continue on. The trollocks were guarding a hole in the ground that led to even deeper hallways. I unwillingly left Nealyn Sedai in the care of Grimm and scouted ahead. Seven trollocks were waiting for us . I managed to sneak past them and in a beautiful but old tomb I found what they were looking for, a white rod. I know little of objects of the One Power but I suspected the rod to be just that. The entrance to the tomb was protected by an archway with writing on it in Old Tongue. A trollock had tried to pass through it and had been burned to a crisp so I took quite the risk when I ventured through. The archway only killed shadowspan however so I was safe. As I now look back on what I did next I cannot say what exactly compelled me to do so. Maybe I acted out of vengeance for the death of Zahir or the attack on Edmond’s Field or maybe the voices luring me to death had something to do with it. I could just as easily have taken the rod and gone back to Nealyn Sedai without alerting the trollocks but I didn’t. I revealed myself to the seven beasts and lured them to the archway. As they entered the tomb the power of the archway killed them and I returned to Nealyn Sedai. I handed her the rod and informed her that I had taken care of the trollocks. She simply accepted my raport without asking any more information and we retreated from the dungeon. On our way outside we searched several of the other tombs we had encountered and inside of them we found a heron marked blade made by the Aes Sedai in the ages past. I carry it with me now for even the blade I received from Grianne pales in quality next to this weapon but I will search for a more worthy owner as soon as possible. Outside I gave Zahir a traditional burial, welcoming him home in the final embrace of the Mother.

As we were traveling back to Edmond’s Field I noticed four trollocks, a myrdraal and a hooded figure moving towards us on the mountainside. I tried to hide everyone but Grimm’s impatience got the better of him and before I could stop him he galloped off towards the fiends. I could ot leave Nealyn sedai so I let him go. A few moments later the mountain started shaking and several avalanches came down. Even Nealyn Sedai got hurt in the process. When Grimm returned he informed us that he had buried the enemies and that we could travel on. I was so relieved I forgave him his actions but should he ever hurt Nealyn Sedai again I will not hesitate.

Back at Edmond’s Field I decided to ask Nealyn Sedai to teach me Old Tongue. I figure that as I am going to travel with a sister of the brown Ajah I might just as well show some interest in what it is they do. Maybe that way she will stop seeing me as a nuisance. The sooner she accepts my presence the easier my job will be. She agreed to teach me if I in return would teach her how to use a sword. I tried to explain that she did not need a sword but we argue enough already so I gave in relatively quick. Maybe she is doing the same thing I am, trying to find some common ground. I made it clear though that carrying a heron marked blade is out of the question. She intended to have the blacksmith fashion her a heron marked longsword, but I put a stop to that idea as soon as I heared it. Only blademasters should carry the heron on their blades.


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