Edmond's Field

“four should ride forth,

may turn to eight,

nine must be found

or the shadow will fall”

Our trip to whitebridge did not quite go as intended. Due to my warder being injured and unconscious I decided travelling by river would be faster and easier then trying to cover the distance on horseback. In hindsight it might have been better if i had taken the extra few days. First it took my warder a few days to wake from his torpor, and a few more to heal his wounds. Only a few days beyond that and I now know for certain that having a warder is not something I want. But that is besides the point. I made a promise to Grianne and I intend to keep it, no matter how thickheaded Raimund becomes.

The reason we haven’t arrived in whitebridge yet is because we were forced onto a sidestream after an attack by trollocs. Raimund has informed me that trollocs shouldn’t be so far south of the blight, and that their appearance here is more then unusual. I’m inclined to investigate the matter, but i have a warder to look after first.

We found out quickly after that travelling overland would not let us evade the trollocs either, it seems the entire region is surrounded by a vast army of the beasts, we estimate their numbers to be well over twenty thousand. While investigating this matter, we encountered two other travellers, one being a saldaean royal guard, the other a strange fellow in black clothing, most likely a noble. What a saldaean royal guard is doing so far away from home is as strange as the trollocs being so far out of the blight, but of far less concern. After some consideration, we joined up with the two of them and travelled to Edmond’s field, which appeared to be their destination. Along the way we met up with two of my sisters, a green named Alana, and a brown named Verin. What they are doing here is beyond me, but it might have something to do with the dark one’s minions. I’d have expected more greens in that case though. We travelled the rest of the distance together, arriving at Edmond’s Field just in time to witness it being attacked from all sides by the trolloc army. Little we can do against such an overwhelming force, so we stayed back. The saldaean’s strange companion however didn’t seem to see the situation as such and joined into the thick of the fight. It wasn’t until later that i found out why he had so little fear of joining the fray. He is one of the asha’man, a force of male channelers brought together and trained by the dragon reborn to do his bidding. Dangerous i’m sure, but he’s proven his worth more then enough times for me not to judge him that quickly, though if he starts to show signs of mental collapse I will not hesitate to stop him however I can. The trolloc army attacking Edmond’s Field was, surprisingly, defeated and driven back into the mountains. It seems the trollocs were not the only ones with armies in this region, the only army not joining the fight being the one from the whitecloaks, but i wouldn’t expect anything different from them.

A man named Lord Perrin is the ruler of this region, a man married to the Lady Faile, which explains the presence of the Saldaean royal guard. The most strikig feature of this man are his eyes, which have rightfully earned him the title Golden Eyes.

With the trollocs defeated and the roads open again, I think a few days rest might come in handy, and then our travels to the east should resume.

Edmond's Field

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