from Illian to Cairhien and Tar Valon

When I last wrote in my journal I stopped in the middle of events, but i had more important things to do then to finish writing this. I hope I remember everything else that happened correctly as much has happened since.

The fight in Illian wasn’t over yet, and while further investigating the palace we ran into another Myrdraal and some trollocs, but these were taken care of easily, even though the myrdraal managed to escape. The only other enemies of note we encountered were a pack of darkhounds, but those proved to be no match for us either.

More interestingly, we found a man and woman in seperate rooms, both held down by weaves and in state of both pain and pleasure, also done by using weaves on them, worse, both the weaves were tied off, so there wasn’t much to do about it but to ease their suffering a bit. It took me some time to find a weave with which to cancel the effects but I managed eventually and had both of them transfered to Cairhien to rest and be healed.

Another interesting thing was the condition of the ogier when we came back to Cairhien. He was in bed, his strength almost completaly gone, faded by some mysterious illness, and no-one had been able to find out anything about it, or find a cure for it. It took some research and clear thinking, but we managed to figure out that the trolloc sword he was carrying around was causing the slow destruction of his body, and that only by killing, the blade could be satisfied. So two of the captured shaido aiel were taken from the dungeons and killed by the ogier, after some deliberation on his part. This seemed to regain him some of his power, but I instructed him to stay in bed. I then gathered some of my sisters to cleanse the taint from the ogier, and sever the link between him and the blade, after which the blade itself was destroyed. No evil thing like that should exist really and it’s good riddance.

The next week was a terrible one from my point of view. Raimund decided to go on a trip for a week, saying it was important, but he refused to tell me what it was about, and he didn’t want me along. I don’t think i ever imagined being so frustrated about not having a warder around…strange really what the bond does to someone. It must not have been a pleasure being near me the last week, and even the dragon reborn seemed to be choosing his words carefully when talking to me. Damor seems to think it’s fun that his borther is gone and has spent quite some time with me this week, though I doubt he found me good company, especially with Karin being my watchdog by request of Raimund.

I did manage to do some research during the week though, as I had access to the library of Illian, and besides a ton of interesting books i found something that was even more interesting. A book written by lord Brend about the forsaken, and their current locations and activities. The most stressing part of it was learning the presence of a forsaken in Cairhien, but luckily, it also noted that two of them had been destroyed permanently. I immediately went back to Cairhien to inform the dragon reborn of this, and to ask him why he was keeping another of the forsaken nearby. He seemed to be taken aback by the question, not realising someone could have found out about this, and tried to ensure me that it was necessary. I’m not convinced it is, but trying to make him change is mind is like trying to make a river run upstream…which would actually be far more doable.

He does still need my help and advise, and the most important advise I could give him at that moment was to put a noble in charge of running illian, since he himself doesn’t seem to be quite capable of doing that, and he’s too busy.

After one week, I felt Raimund returning to Cairhien so I grabbed a horse and immediately rode out to meet him, and it was necessary as he had been wounded badly. But of course the meeting didn’t go as smoothly as one would have hoped. Raimund wasn’t happy that i had left Cairhien to come and meet him, and took it out on Owen and Damor, and we ended up having another heated discussion. He had some girl with him that he had saved apparently, and after healing her i made sure Raimund got his rest. The next few days, when travelling to Cairhien, the situation remaind tense between us, both of us being stubborn people. When we finally were back in Cairhien it was better of course. In the privacy of our room we could finally drop all masks and pretense. I have seldomly been so happy to see him and my anger about him leaving and being so stubborn was gone swiftly. Can’t say the rest of the evening was very interesting though as I fell asleep almost instantly, being so exhausted from not having slept in three days. The next day Raimund finally told me why he had gone on that trip and i can’t say I have ever felt more angry. Risking his life for something so stupid, I can hardly believe he did that. I did however assured him that the reward he had gotten, a rank in the nobility of Cairhien, was something he deserved and that i was happy for him. But it’s still a stupid reason for risking his life like that. So the next day i put on the dress I had worn in Illian and went with him to watch him receive his reward from the hands of lord Dobraine.

The next few days passed uneventful, more by my choice then necessity. I had only just gotten my warder back and I’d rather not have him leave my sight again so soon, but there was another important thing that needed to be done, and that was informign the white tower in Tar Valon of the presence of a forsaken among them. And who better to help me with that then my warder. So I asked Roland to open a portal near Tar Valon and sent Raimund to the tower with a message to be delivered to the amirlyn seat. He actually managed to get to her personally and deliver the message but she read it with him still there and was imprisonned sicne he refused to tell where I was hiding. It didn’t take long of course before he managed to escape from the dungeon and return to me.

from Illian to Cairhien and Tar Valon

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