The longer we are together, the more certain I am in my believe that I do not need a warder. Ever since Raimund has gotten well enough to get up on his feet we have been bashing heads on too many occassions. For starters he insists on sleeping in the same room as me, to guard me of course, from closeby, and I can see his point, but I doubt it is really necessary for him to be at my side every moment, a bit like a guardian dog. This of course led to a long and heated argument, and as I’m not inclined to use the bond to force my will upon him, I finally gave in. If he wants to act that way, fine. Worse though is that he seems to think of himself nothing more then a human shield for his Aes Sedai, and expects me to see him in the same way, but I just can’t do that. He is a human being, and closer to me then anyone has ever been, sharing these emotions, the closeness of the bond, all of this can’t be just pushed back and forgotten. No, I’ll make him see my way, no matter how much time it will take. He even dared telling me to end the bond if I didn’t want to have it. I don’t think I’ve ever been angrier before. The entire inn must have been able to hear my shouting at him, but I don’t care about that. I made a promise to Grianne in taking over the bond, and I won’t break this bond so easily, especially not just because it is a nuissance.

But my personal problems are of inconsequence compared to the larger issues at stake.

It has been a few days since the trolloc army attacked Edmond’s field, and not everything that happened afterwards ended as well as that day. The fight was won, the remains of the trolloc army driven into the Mountains of Mist. Lord Perrin seemed to be content to leave things at that, but even leaderless, what had been left over of those twenty thousand trollocs would still form a great menace for the surrounding lands, so I suggested that they should be hunted down. The aiel lord Perrin brought are quite able as scouts, and there are troops enough here to hunt down and kill all of the beasts. Lord Perrin gave the order to Zahir, the saldaean royal guard we met the day before, and who had been constantly guarding the lady Faile since the fight. Roland, Zahir’s companion, of course decided to join in, thinking hunting down trollocs might be fun, and they asked me if I would join in the search. I am not greatly suited for missions like these, but having an experienced Aes Sedai on their side might well make the difference so i agreed in going.

The group that left Edmond’s field in search of the trollocs was composed of Zahir, Roland, three of the aiel, Raimund and me. It didn’t take long before we found tracks of trollocs moving deeper into the mountains so we followed them, eventually reaching the location of where mighty Manetheren must have been. There we found the entrance to an underground network of rooms and corridors, probably remains from the lost city. The tracks led inside so we followed, though it might have been better if we had just collapsed the tunnels and burried the trollocs alive. Zahir would still be alive if we had done that. The dungeon was treacherous at best, filled with ancient traps and poisonous snakes, but it was the trollocs that cost the brave knight his life. The first group we encountered was no match for us, but the second, although smaller, group, was prepared for us, and Zahir was cut down as he charged in to attack them. Both Raimund and me tried to save his life, but his wounds were too grave and his strength too far gone to save him. But his death has not been in vain though. The two trollocs had been guarding a hole in the ground, and I asked Raimund to go in and scout ahead. He went reluctantly and it took quite a while for him to return, but when he did he told us that the trollocs down there had been dealt with and he handed me a small white staff an angreal of sorts, though i still have no idea what it’s supposed to do, it might be one of the nine rods of dominion, so well worth investigating. But those are concerns for later. We left the caverns with the body of Zahir, and Raimund gave him a traditional Borderland burial, a last salute of respect to the noble warrior.

On our way back to Edmond’s field Raimund spotted a group of people coming up into the mountains, a myrdraal and a few trollocs among them. Unwilling to unnecessarily take on such a group, we hid away, but Roland didn’t think this a good idea obviously and before we could halt him he rode on to meet the group head on. I don’t know what he did, but the mountainside started to shake and the ground burst apart over a large area, avalanches burying the shadowspawn.

Back in Edmond’s field, I decided another few days of rest might do wonders, or at least the rest of the day, but it seems my warder did not share that idea. He came to me asking to teach him the old tongue, which made me a bit curious, but it might come in handy if he speaks the language if he goes off scouting on his own down ancient tombs again. But I set a single condition on teaching him the old tongue, and that is that he teaches me how to use a sword. He objected of course, saying a woman like myself should have no need of such a skill, which seems a bit contradictory to his view on my safety, but he gave up surprisingly quick. I’m glad he did though, that sword has saved my life before, and next time I’d rather have it be skill then luck that saves me.


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