On the road

She had been travelling for three days straight now, driving her horse hard as she travelled the road westwards, deeper into Andor, letting the bond guide her. Her cloak flapped around and behind her, but she ignored it, just as she ignored the wind whipping up her long hair. She felt like stopping for a week and just resting, the streaks of traildust on her cheecks and in her hair reminding her she longed to take a nice hot bath as all she had taken time for since she had left Caemlyn was a short freshing up at some spring or brook every morning. She had slept in her clothes, curled up in her cloak along the roadside. But she couldn’t stop or slow down, not now. The bond not only let her know where to find her new warder, but it also told her the deplorable state his mind was in, and it worried her, told her she could not waste time in finding him.

A few more miles sped by as she kept pushing hard when she suddenly noticed two horses standing at the roadside, their riders no-where to be seen. She slowed her mare to a canter as she looked at the horses, both seeming to be in good shape, much better then her own horse as it had been driven hard and probably wouldn’t last very long if she kept up this pace. She stopped the horse near the two others and got out of the saddle. A trade of horses was perfect at this time, and while it might not be nice without asking, she smiled, considering she had little choice at this point, and well, she was an Aes Sedai after all.

“well well, what do we have here…”

The voice coming from behind her was hard and rough, and Nealyn slowly turned to face the two men standing a few feet away, swords in hands, the points lifted towards her. It took her but a moment to study them and assess the situation.

“don’t you know it’s not safe for a lady like yourself to be out on the road, alone? Ther’s dangerous men about”

Both men chuckled at that comment, thinking it very clever. Brigands. Nealyn supressed a chuckle as she looked at the two, flexing her hands and licking her lips, feeling how parched they really were for the first time in days. Everything around her seemed to slow down as she became aware of every little detail around her, the wind whipping up the sand on the road, the beads of sweat rolling down the mens’ necks, the white of their knuckles as they gripped their swords, even their rapid breathing as they watched her. But she felt perfectly calm, for the first time in a week her mind was completaly focused. A single moment in time.

“not just men…”

The words from her lips were barely loud enough to be heard but the force and confidence behind them made the men hesitate for a second, and that was all Nealyn needed. In one swift moment she lifted her right hand towards them. The screamed in surprise as the strong blast of wind swept from her hand towards them, knocking them to the ground several feet further, the sand, dirt and rocks around them flying into and over them. One of the men, shook his head and looked up, gasping as he saw Nealyn standing over him with a cold smile on her face. He tried to lift his sword only finding her foot firmly planted on his wrist, and a second later, the point of a sword at his throat. Desperatly he looked around for his companion and his eyes widened as he saw him crouching a bit further, his arm stretched out and the look on his face one of sheer terror, and all of it frozen, like a statue.

“well now, it seems you’re in a bit of a predicament. But i’ll play it nice. I’m going to take your horses, and your weapons, but i’ll spare your lives. I have better things to do then to waste my time feeding carrions.”

The words had been calmly spoken, and even slightly gentle, but the threat behind them was quite obvious. The man swallowed hard and only managed to nod.


She smiled as she leaned down to retrieve the second sword and then turned around to walk towards the three horses grazing at the side of the road.

“also, i wouldn’t stand up for a good while if i were you, nor follow me, there are worse things i can do to you if i ever find you crossing my path again”

With that she lifted herself into the saddle of one of the horses and guiding the other two by their reins, urged it inot a steady canter as she headed further along the road, leaving the two baffled brigands behind in the dust.

“at least the trip isn’t going to be boring”

On the road

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