On the road 2

The past few days on the road had been rather uneventful, with nothing but a few travellers on the road heading either way. She had driven hard, and with two horses had managed to keep up a good pace but now she was getting tired. A couple of trees near the side of the road had looked like good shelter to spend some time resting so she had tied the horses to the trees and scrubbed them down, now they were comfortably grazing a few feet away. She was setting up her things to prepare for spending then night when she heard the twig snapping behind her. As she turned around towards the noise she saw the flash of the blade coming for her, and only managed to twist away just enough to avoid the full impact of the steel, but pain exploded through her side as she stumbled backwards and fell on the ground. Biting her lip not to make a sound she felt the warmth spreading across her belly, down to her thigh. Resisting the urge to cry out or faint she looked up at her assailant. The man stood a few feet away, grinning at her as he licked the blood of his blade.

“well well, what a nice catch do we have here. We were just going to kill you and take your horses, but it seems we might have some time for a few other things first.”

“damn right, i’d sure love to have a piece of that”

The second voice came over from where she had put the horses, but she didn’t look that way, not taking her eyes of the first man who had spoken. Pushing back the pain in her side she reached out to Saidar, embracing it and letting it’s power flow through her. As before when she had met the brigands time seemed to slow down, her awareness of her surrounding heightening. The pain in her side became nothing more then a dull aching. She felt every grain of sand under her hands, felt every bead of sweat as they rolled down her face and neck. Heard every heartbeat of the two men. Her own heartbeat seemed to drown out every other sound, beating in her ears, building up pressure, the sensation almost overwhelming, and then suddenly, everything was quiet.

“come and get it then”

The tone had been eerily quiet and cold and the laughter stopped for a moment, turned into an uneasiness at the unexpected reply.

“a feisty one this”

The man laughed again and looked at Nealyn, his eyes widening in shock as he was just in time to see the young girl getting up and moving towards him in one smooth motion, like a cat springing into action. A moment later she drove the tip of her sword between his ribs and pushed hard, using her momentum to push it in deeper. With a shocked look on his face the man toppled backwards, the sword driven through his chest almost to the hilt, his eyes devoid of life before he hit the ground. The other man stood watching the scene with his mouth open, his eyes slowly going from his dead buddy to the woman standing over the body. His grip on his sword tightened and he was about to spring into action as she stretched out her hand towards him. Then everything became pain as his flesh started ripping, bones snapping in his body, feeling like his intestines trying to push their way out through his skin. With a few spams he fell to the ground and twitched a few more times before laying still in a growing pool of blood.

Nealyn fell to her knees and coughed, and hand supporting her ont he ground, the other pushed against the wound in her side. Now the fight was over the calmth of the mometn seemed to fade and she became more accutely aware of other sensations, like the burning feeling in her gut.

“seems i’ve gone and made a mess this time”

She closed her eyes and concentrated, weaving her power through her hand into the wound, repairing the worst of the damage. As she was done, her grip on Saidar slipped and she fell on her side, breathing deeply, fatigue gripping her. Her eyes still closed she pulled herself together and pushed to her feet, stumbling over to the horses. She quickly gathered her stuff and got onto one of the horses. While this might have seemed like a good resting place not a half hour before, she didn’t relish the thought of taking a rest with the two corpses lying there. So tired as she was, she urged the mare into a canter and moved further down the road, for the first time in her life wondering if having a warder might not be a good idea after all.

No, it was not turning out to be a boring trip.

On the road 2

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