“Six will step forward,

thirteen will leave,

one will be captured

and six will be redeemed”

It seems I was right in my thinking that I would speak to the dragon reborn again soon. With the knowledge of the rebel Aes Sedai being halfway around the world, and none to little time to reach them to find more answers, I have little choice but to ask for The Dragon’s help in getting there faster. But I do have a bargaining chip. He doesn’t know their location, so I’ll just trade that information for his help.

I got a second audiance rather easily, again through the help of Roland, and this time the only sign of me being an Aes Sedai was wearing my ring. This time I went dressed in my riding dress and wearing my sword on my back, and it seems to have been the right choice. He must have been very surprised to see a sister like that, but it seemed to please him nonetheless, as the conversation we had was far more informal, far more casual. He seemed to be more at ease with me armed and looking like a borderlander then with the Aes Sedai I was the day before. So i discussed the matter with him and he agreed in taking us to salidar quickly in return for the location of the rebel Aes Sedai. It seems he has rediscovered the ancient art of travelling so the trip itself didn’t take more then a few hours, a few rather boring hours I might add, with a large amount of people on a small platform moving through a black void. He told us not to leave the platform for whatever reason, I wonder what happens if you do.

After we arrived I sent out Raimund and the maiden to search for tracks in hope of finding some left by the Aes Sedai. We found none so travelled in group until we reached a village, there we found our first leads that led us further away from civilisation, and actually found well concealed tracks in forest, so we must be getting closer. The first thing we found however when moving through the woods were not the refugees, but a black tower covered in some vine that normally only grows int he blight. When Roland and I set to the task of destroying it, a huge monstrosity appeared and attacked us. The vile creature was composed of corpses and it took a lot of my will to not just start retching at the sight, and smell, of it. We made quick work of it though,a nd after havign the maiden and my warder cleaned up a bit, we went to investigate the tower. The only thing we found of interest was a slab of quendillar at the top. When we tried to move it, it shattered! It seems it was an ancient seal designed to keep whatever was locked inside in it, but all those years of corruption must have weakened it to the point of breaking. I covered the hole with weaves and tied them in place, and while it won’t hold forever, it should give us enough time to make a more permanent solution once we find the rebel Aes Sedai.

It took a few more days before we found Salidar and the rebel Aes Sedai and were welcomed heartily, especially for bringing so many new accepted with us. I told them about meeting the dragon reborn and what had happened along the way, and I was told about what had happened at the white tower.

Days here have been quiet for the most part, Raimund has taken it to himself to stay away from me as much as possible it seems, takign up scouting and hunting most of the time, he even asked another warder to train me. It’s been a while since I’ve been that angry at him for not honoring his promise to teach me. But well, I can’t really blame him, if hunting and scouting gives him peace of mind it is all for the better. He needs to put things behind him and move on.

Being alone however does have it’s advantages, and this was a good time to test out this dreamwalking ability i seemed to have picked up somewhere along the way. I don’t exactly know or remember when it all started, but it seems I have a measure of control over what I can do in my dreams, so I used it to scout out the white tower itself in hope of finding more information. I did find a few interesting things. My foretelling to the dragon reborn makes a lot more sense now, as it seems a delegation was sent out from the white tower to capture the dragon reborn and bring him back to Tar Valon. I also met a young woman there in the dreamworld, a young accepted by the name of Egwene, who resided in Cairhien at the time. I informed her of our whereabouts, and of what was going to happen to the dragon, who turned out to be an old friend of hers. I hope she is in a better position to help him then I am at this moment.

A few days after this, more people arrived at Salidar, among them Egwene, who informed me that the dragon had indeed been captured and had been freed again in a large battle. He’s obvisouly not very happy at the Aes Sedai. Other people of note that arrived are Siuan, the former amyrlin seat, and Logain of all people. When I talked to Siuan she asked me why I hadn’t stayed with the dragon reborn as i seem to be the only Aes Sedai to have been able to talk to him more then once, and in such an informal way. She also asked me to go back there and act as his advisor. I don’t know what she’s thinking, I’m not suited to be an advisor, sure i know a lot of things, but being subtle isn’t one of them. Not long after two more groups arrived, but this time they’re armed soldiers, one led by a Caemlyn general, the other by a boy named Mat, the leader of a band carrying a strange banner. It almost came to blows between these forces and I had to go out and defuse the situation before it got out of hand. I wonder why the whites and blues didn’t mingle in this, it’s not my task to handle situations such as this. The next thing that happened was far more dangerous. It seems an accepted has managed to reverse the effects of stilling, and to make matters worse, had accidently done it on Logain. This of course created quite a fuss and to make matters worse, Roland had noticed it and was about to do somethig very stupid. A heated discussion started between him and the Aes Sedai, which almost came to blowsso I stepped in and managed to persuade him to stay quiet and not do anything foolish. It would have only resulted in his death and probably the deaths of some of my sisters. It would not have helped anyone at all. It did show me that Roland can’t be trusted, no matter what he says or does, or how he seems to keep his madness under control, sooner or later that control is going to slip from his grasp. I’ll have to keep a good eye on him. It of course also made me decide to travel to Cairhien as soon as possible, to meet with the dragon again and to get Roland as far away from here as possible. Egwene informed me that she also can travel so she oppened us a gateway to Cairhien. I told her that i would meet with her every other day in the dreamworld to exchange information. She seems like a nice enough girl and i have a feeling she’ll go very far.


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