The Forsaken

The Forsaken (or Chosen, as they would prefer to be called) are the most powerful and favored servants of the Dark One. They were formerly Aes Sedai, but became corrupted by the desire for power and immortality. At the beginning of the series there are thirteen Forsaken whose names are well known but originally there were more than this. Moghedien, one of the Forsaken herself, suggests twelve were killed during the The War of Power, due to arousing the Dark One’s suspicions. She also suggests that there were many more chosen before this but they were killed in the War of Power. At the end of the war, those that remained were all meeting at Shayol Ghul when Lews Therin Telamon and his Hundred Companions sealed the hole in the Dark One’s prison, and the Forsaken in it.

The leader of the Forsaken is the Nae’blis, and that member of the Forsaken is counted as second only to the Great Lord of the Dark.

“Original” Forsaken

Male Forsaken

Aginor (Ishar Morrad Chuain), deceased (killed by Rand al’Thor), resurrected as Osan’gar (see below), posed as the Asha’man Corlan Dashiva and then killed again.

Asmodean (Joar Addam Nessosin), deceased (killed by an unknown assailant, whose identity is much debated)

Balthamel (Eval Ramman), deceased (killed by the Green Man), resurrected as Aran’gar in a female body (see below), posed as Halima Saranov with the Rebel Aes Sedai before fleeing with Delana.

Be’lal (Duram Laddel Cham), deceased (killed irrevocably with balefire by Moiraine Damodred).

Demandred (Barid Bel Medar), whereabouts unknown.

Rahvin (Ared Mosinel), deceased (killed irrevocably with balefire by Rand al’Thor).

Ishamael (Elan Morin Tedronai), deceased (killed by Rand al’Thor), resurrected as Moridin (see below).

Sammael (Tel Janin Aellinsar), deceased (killed by Mashadar while fighting Rand al’Thor). His death is confirmed in an interview with Robert Jordan.

Female Forsaken:

Graendal (Kamarile Maradim Nindar), apparently deceased (believed killed irrevocably with balefire by Rand al’Thor). Death never confirmed.

Lanfear (Mierin Eronaile), last seen passing into the twisted door ter’angreal while fighting Moiraine Damodred. By unknown means returned as Cyndane in a new body (see below) and has since been mindtrapped.

Mesaana (Saine Tarasind), last seen within the White Tower directing the Black Ajah. After the Great Purge of the Black Ajah, she may or may not remain hidden in the White Tower.

Moghedien (Lillen Moiral), mindtrapped and Moridin’s servant/slave.

Semirhage (Nemene Damendar Boann), deceased (killed irrevocably with balefire by Rand al’Thor wielding the True Power).

Six more Forsaken were mentioned by Semirhage in Winter’s Heart, but they were said to have been destroyed by the Dark One during the War of Power.

“New” Forsaken

As of the end of Knife of Dreams, four of the Forsaken who have been killed have been reincarnated by the Dark One. They are, Ishamael, Balthamel, Aginor, and, presumably, Lanfear. Their reincarnated forms do not resemble their former identities at all. For example, Cyndane is described as having silver hair and light-colored eyes, whereas Lanfear possessed dark beauty. The reincarnated form of Cyndane who was once Lanfear is not as strong as she used to be for unknown reasons. And Balthamel, a male Forsaken, was reincarnated into a female body, although Aran’gar continues to channel the male half of the True Source.

Ishamael, reincarnated as Moridin.

Lanfear, reincarnated as Cyndane; mindtrapped by Moridin.

Balthamel, reincarnated as Aran’gar.

Aginor, reincarnated as Osan’gar, deceased (killed again by Elza Penfell (a Darkfriend) during the cleansing of saidin).

The Forsaken

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