Third Age

Free Years

FY 500 Circa: Sometime between the end of the Trolloc Wars and the beginning of the War of the Hundred Years the Aes Sedai voluntarily require that every Accepted raised to full sisterhood take certain oaths using a ter’angreal known to make such oaths binding. [TGH-TP-282]

FY 939 Winter: Guaire Amalasan declares himself the Dragon Reborn in Darmorvan. [TGH-H-585 / TWORJTWOT-101]

Artur Paendrag becomes King of Shandalle following the death of his father and mother due to the Black Fever. [TWORJTWOT-101]

Beginning of the War of the Second Dragon. [TDR-H-594]

Summer: Amalasan and his followers capture Darmorvan. [TWORJTWOT-103]

Circa: Bonwhin Meraighdin is raised to the Amyrlin Seat from the Red Ajah. Her rule lasts until circa FY 992. [TWORJTWOT-216]

FY 940 Spring: King Artur Paendrag sends Shandalle forces to fight against Amalasan. [TWORJTWOT-103]

Amalasan conquers Balasun and Elan Dapor. [TWORJTWOT-103]

FY 941 By this time all nations had made unsuccessful attempts to stop Amalasan. [TWORJTWOT-103]

FY 942 Having never been beaten by Amalasan during any of their engagements, Artur Paendrag is named “Hawkwing” for his ability to swiftly move his troops to appropriate locations. [TWORJTWOT-103]

Birth dates of the twins Modair and Amira, the son and daughter of Artur Hawkwing and Amaline Tagora. [TWORJTWOT-111]

FY 943 By this time Amalasan has gained control of Kharendor, Dhowlan, Farashelle, Shiota, Nerevan, Esandra, Fergansea and Moreina (except the Stone of Tear). [TWORJTWOT-103]

Spring: The forces of Artur Hawkwing and Amalasan meet unexpectedly near Endersole. The Battle of Endersole (or the Battle of Jolvaine Pass) ensues over a two day period and ends when Amalsan is captured. The capture of Amalsan signifies the end of the War of the Second Dragon. [TGH-H-585 / TWORJTWOT-105]

Artur Hawkwing immediately moves his remaining forces to Tar Valon, where he camps outside of the island. Amalasan is given over to Aes Sedai custody and later sentenced to be gentled. [TWORJTWOT-105]

Three days after the Battle of Endersole forces from Khodomar and Esandara, led respectively by Sawyn Maculhene and Elinde Motheneos, set out to free Amalasan. [TWORJTWOT-106]

A day after arriving at Tar Valon, Artur Hawkwing is given five days to leave the area by Amyrlin Seat Bonwhin Meraighdin. [TWORJTWOT-106]

Circa: An army of Amalasan’s supporters reaches the White Tower in an attempt to free the false Dragon before he can be gentled. The attack is defeated, and record of it kept only in the secret histories of the Tower library. [ACOS-H-220]

The Khodomar and Esandara forces attack Tar Valon, which is taken by surprise. Artur Hawkwing’s army helps to defeat these armies, and Sawyn Maculhene and Elinde Motheneos are both killed. [TWORJTWOT-106]

Early Summer: Artur Hawkwing returns to Shandalle. [TWORJTWOT-106]

King Artur Paendrag Tanreall Hawkwing forms his empire. [TGH-H-589]

Hawking establishes a calendar system, From the Founding (FF), but this system is only used by future historians.

Summer: Armies from Caembarin, Khodomar and Tova, possibly influenced by the White Tower, simultaneously attack Shandalle. [TWORJTWOT-106]

Beginning of the Wars of Consolidation, a period of twenty years during which Hawkwing would conquer all nations west of the Spine of the World. [TWORJTWOT-107]

Winter: Hawkwing, responding to the forces sent against him, has control of half of Tova and parts of Khodomar and Caembarin. Support for Hawkwing among the general populace of many lands begins to increase. [TWORJTWOT-107]

FY 944 Spring: Aldeshar, Ileande and Talmour attempt to aide the lands besieged by Hawkwing. [TWORJTWOT-107]

Artur Hawkwing attempts to gain the aide of the White Tower in negotiating with his enemies, but is unable to secure any assistance. [TWORJTWOT-112]

FY 954 Artur Hawkwing accepts an Aes Sedai advisor, Chowin Tsao. [TWORJTWOT-113]

FY 959 Artur Hawkwing’s son Modair is killed in battle. [TWORJTWOT-111]

FY 961 Amaline Tagora and Artur Hawkwing’s three remaining children are killed by poison. [TWORJTWOT-111]

FY 962 Artur Hawkwing refuses to maintain an Aes Sedai advisor for unknown reasons. [TWORJTWOT-113]

FY 963 After twenty years of fighting, during which he was never defeated, King Artur Hawking becomes ruler of all lands except for Tar Valon. The last nation to fall to him is Aldeshar. This final conquest ends the Wars of Consolidation. [TWORJTWOT-107]

FY 964 Artur Hawkwing makes an unsuccessful attempt to invade the Aiel Waste. [TWORJTWOT-111]

Autumn: Artur Hawkwing meets Tamika. [TWORJTWOT-112]

FY 965 Artur Hawkwing marries Tamika. [TWORJTWOT-112]

FY 967 Birth date of Luthair Paendrag Mondwin, son of Artur Hawkwing and Tamika. [TWORJTWOT-112]

Artur Hawkwing again accepts an Aes Sedai as an advisor. [TWORJTWOT-113]

FY 968 or FY 969 Sources indicate that Bonwhin, the Amyrlin Seat, may have refused an audience with Tamika. [TWORJTWOT-112]

FY 973 Jalwin Moerad, the Forsaken Ishamael in disguise, appears at Artur Hawkwing’s court. [TWORJTWOT-114]

FY 974 Summer: Jalwin Moerad, a man with clear contempt for Aes Sedai, is a close advisor to Artur Hawkwing. [TWORJTWOT-112]

Autumn: Artur Hawkwing suddenly dismisses his Aes Sedai advisor and all other Aes Sedai holding positions within the Empire. [TWORJTWOT-113]

FY 975 Spring: Artur Hawkwing places a bounty of 1000 gold crowns on all Aes Sedai who do not renounce Tar Valon and the White Tower. This action is taken on the advice of Jalwin Moerad. [TEOTW-H-172-366 / TWORJTWOT-113]

Summer: Artur Hawking begins an attack on Tar Valon. These forces are led by General Souran Maravaile. [TWORJTWOT-113]

FY 986 Spring: A large Trolloc invasion strikes from the Blight into the northern regions of Hawkwing’s empire. [TWORJTWOT-108]

FY 987 Summer: The Trolloc invasion is defeated at Talidar following seven major battles over a period of six days and nights. This marks the first and last attempt by the Trollocs to attack Hawkwing’s empire. A monument to those who had fallen in battle against the Trollocs is built. [TGH-TP-152 / TWORJTWOT-108]

Autumn: Hawkwing’s second wife, Tamika, dies. [TWORJTWOT-108]

FY 989 Hawkwing begins planning an expedition across the Aryth Ocean, in part due to the advice of Jalwin Moerad. [TEOTW-H-172 / TWORJTWOT-108]

Funded by public money, a huge statue of Artur Hawkwing is begun within an abandoned Ogier stedding (on a plain later known as the Caralain Grass). The statue is to be part of a new capital city being planned by Hawkwing. [TEOTW-H-367]

FY 992 Hawkwing sends a massive army of approximately 2000 ships across the Aryth Ocean to Seanchan. The army is commanded by his son, Luthair Paendrag Mondwin. [TGH-H-589]

Bonwhin Meraighdin is deposed as Amyrlin and stilled. [TGH-TP-53 / TWORJTWOT-114]

Deane Aryman of the Blue Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Her rule lasts until her death in FY 1084. [LOC-H-706]

FY 993 Hawkwing sends a fleet to Shara. This fleet is commanded by one of Hawkwing’s daughters. [TWORJTWOT-109]

A fire attributed to arson destroys some of the content of the White Tower’s extensive library. [TWORJTWOT-90]

Hawkwing’s Sharan fleet makes contact with Shara according to Sea Folk records. [TWORJTWOT-109] FY 994

According to observations made by the Sea Folk, Hawkwing’s Sharan fleet is burned and destroyed. [TWORJTWOT-109]

Amyrlin Deane Aryman convinces Souran Maravaile to end the siege of Tar Valon. [LOC-H-706]

Laiwynde, one of Artur Hawkwing’s daughters, dies along with an unnamed son of hers. [TWORJTWOT-112]

Early Summer: After fighting an illness for more than a month, Artur Hawkwing dies. His death coincides with the completion of the statute built in his honor. Before his death Hawkwing had ordered his councilors executed and Tar Valon destroyed. These extreme actions had been suggestions of Jalwin Moerad. [TEOTW-H-172-367-669]

Souran Maravaile continues the siege on Tar Valon. [TWORJTWOT-116]

Jalwin Moerad begins to advise Marithelle Camaelaine. [TWORJTWOT-115]

The beginning of the War of the Hundred Years months after the death of Hawkwing. [TEOTW-H-669]

Ishara Casalain, the daughter of the provincial governor of Andor, Endara Casalain, becomes the first Queen of the nation of Andor. She rules until FY 1020. Following an agreement to send her eldest daughter to Tar Valon for training, Ishara accepts an Aes Sedai advisor, Ballair, and becomes the first ruler to gain such counsel. [TWORJTWOT-117 / LOC-H-378]

FY 995 Late Spring: Souran Maravaile breaks his siege of Tar Valon at the request of Queen Ishara, whom he later marries. [TWORJTWOT-235]

FY 996 Bonwhin dies in the White Tower. [TWORJTWOT-114]

FY 1000 Circa: Aes Sedai Deain creates the first a’dam in Seanchan. Having been allied with the Armies of the Night, Deain defects and joins the forces of Luthair Paendrag Mondwin. She demonstrates the use of the a’dam, but is later leashed herself. All women capable of channeling, called damane, are forced to wear the a’dam. They are controlled by women known as sul’dam, who are in fact themselves capable of learning to channel the One Power. [TGH-TP-483]

FY 1021 The Children of Light are formed by Lothair Mantelar in order to preach against the activities of Darkfriends. [TWORJTWOT-117/TDR-H-583]

FY 1050 Circa: The Ways, constructed almost two-thousand years ago by male Aes Sedai using the tainted saidin, begin to deteriorate. Travel in the Ways is eventually banned as they grow dark and dangerous, and the presence of a creature known as Machin Shin (the Black Wind) is discovered. [TEOTW-H-545 / TWORJTWOT-199]

FY 1117 The end of the War of the Hundred Years. The destruction of records from this era results in confusion as to the actual date by the end of the war. Varied sources suggest this year may have been anywhere from FY 1115 to FY 1119. [TEOTW-H-669 / TWORJTWOT-117]

FY 1135 / 1 NE The last year of the Free Year Calendar and the first year of the Farede Calendar. [TWORJTWOT-118]

1 NE / FY 1135 Nations that exist following the War of the Hundred Years include: Almoth, Altara, Amadacia, Andor, Arad Domon, Arafel, Cairhien, Caralain, Ghealdan, Goaban, Hardan, Illian, Irenvelle, Kandor, Kintara, Mar Haddon, Maredo, Malkier, Mosara, Murandy, Saldea, Shienar, Tear and Tarabon. [TWORJTWOT-118]

231 NE Ellaine Marise’idin Alshinn, chief librarian at the Court of Arafel, makes a translation of The Karaethon Cycle: The Prophecies of the Dragon. [TGH-TP-after contents]

400 NE Circa: Stedding Tsofu is discovered near Cairhien. [TGH-TP-407 / LOC-H-323]

Circa: A peddler attempts to find Rhuidean in the Aiel Waste. He reports a golden city in the clouds above a mountain, and of a nearby object matching the description of a Portal Stone. The peddler later relates his tale to Soran Milo, an author working on a book entitled The Killers of the Black Veil. [TSR-H-250]

Circa: Ogier Serden, son of Kolom son of Radlin, writes of the Ways. [LOC-H-608]

509 NE The Aiel give permission for the Cairhien to cross the Aiel Waste. The Cairhien are the only ones besides the Tinkers and peddlers given this privilege. This is done after the Aiel learn that the ancestors of the Cairhien had helped the Aiel during the Breaking of the World. [TWORJTWOT-119]

566 NE The Aiel give a sapling from Avendesora to Cairhien as a gift. This sapling is grown into a tree named Avendoraldera. [TDR-H-582]

Circa: Birth date of Aloisia Nemosni. [WH-H-238]

798 NE The Daughters of Silence are discovered by the Aes Sedai, and all are returned to the White Tower and punished. This is the last known gathering of female channelers to be broken by the White Tower. [ACOS-H-481 / WH-H-660]

953 NE Birth date of al’Lan Mandragoran, son of King al’Akir Mandragoran and Queen el’Leanna Mandragoran, in Malkier. [LOC-H-709 / TWORJTWOT-247]

Merana Ambrey is raised to Aes Sedai. [LOC-H-551]

Circa: Dared by his wife Breyan, Lain Mandragoran travels into the Blight with a large force of men. Lain and his men are killed, and Breyan blames King al’Akir Mandragoran for not having lead more troops to support Lain’s attack into the Blight. [TEOTW-H-596]

Circa: Plotting revenge against King al’Akir, Breyan and Lord Cowin “Fairheart” Gemallan attempt to gain the throne of Malkier for Breyan’s son, Isam. In a move to take control of the Seven Towers, Cowin and Breyan move troops loyal to them from out of the Blight and the borderforts. Unknown to Breyan, Cowin is a Darkfriend. [TEOTW-H-596]

Circa: Trolloc forces take advantage of the weakened defenses of Malkier to attack the nation. The Malkieri are pushed back, and Breyan flees with her son Isam. Both are believed to have been pursued and killed by Trollocs. [TEOTW-H-596]

Circa: Cowin is captured by Jain “Farstrider” Charin and taken to the Seven Towers. King al’Akir faces Cowin in combat and kills him. [TEOTW-H-596]

With Malkier succumbing to the Blight, the infant Lan, already anointed as Dai Shan, a Diademed Battle Lord, is sent to Shienar in order to assure his survival. Consecrated as the next king of Malkier, he is given a Power-wrought sword that had been passed down among the kings of Malkier. [TEOTW-H-597 / TWORJTWOT-247]

King al’Akir and Queen el’Leanna die at Herot’s Crossing while trying to defend Malkier from the advancing Trolloc armies. Forces from Shienar, Arafel and Kandor attack the Trollocs at the Stair of Jehann, and are able to temporarily push them back. [TEOTW-H-597]

Circa: Tar Valon dispatches more than one-hundred Aes Sedai to aid Malkier, but they arrive too late to be of any assistance. No official record is made of this failed attempt to assist Malkier. [NSTN-H-312]

Of the twenty bodyguards chosen to see Lan safely to Shienar, only five, including Bukama Marenellin, survive to reach Fal Moran. They raise Lan and teach him the ways of war. [TEOTW-H-597]

Birth date of Elin Warrel, future Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. [NSTN-H-34] 955 NE

Autumn: The abandoned nation of Malkier is overrun by Trolloc armies and destroyed. [TWORJTWOT-118 / LOC-H-709]

Circa: Tam al’Thor leaves The Two Rivers and joins Illian’s army. [TGH-TP-105]

956 NE (After Spring): Moiraine Damodred is born in the Royal Palace of Cairhien. She is later sent to train at Tar Valon in 972 NE. [LOC-H-710]

NOTE: Moiraine is 22 in the spring of 979 NE, which indicates that her birthday would take place some time after that point. The year of her birth is specifically stated in the Lord of Chaos glossary.

Birth date of Morgase Trakand. [TFOH-H-249]

972 NE Siuan Sanche, the daughter of a Tairen fisherman, is discovered to have the ability to channel. She is immediately take to Tar Valon by an Aes Sedai in order to become a novice. [NSTN-H-32]

Lady Moiraine Damodred of Cairhien is sent to the White Tower at Tar Valon to become a novice. [LOC-H-710]

Moiraine and Siuan are recorded in the novice book of the White Tower on the same day. [NSTN-H-32]

Tigraine Damodred, Daughter-heir of Andor and wife of Taringail Damodred, disappears. Having been told by Gitara Moroso via a Foretelling that disaster would engulf Andor and its people if she did not join the Maidens of the Spear, Tigraine travels to the Aiel Waste in secret. [TEOTW-H-668 / TSR-H-392 / LOC-H-277]

Queen Mordrellen of Andor dies with no female heir. [TWORJTWOT-120]

The Succession (also the Third War of Andoran Succession) begins in Andor as a result of the disappearance of Tigraine Damodred and the death of Queen Mordrellen. [TEOTW-H-668]

Morgase Trakand, training at Tar Valon as heir to House Trakand, returns to Andor in order to lay claim to the Lion Throne. [TFOH-H-249]

Birth date of Logain Ablar in Ghealdan. [ACOS-H-676]

Tigraine arrives in the Waste and is taken in by the Aiel. She is allowed to train to become a Maiden of the Spear, the first non-Aiel allowed to do so, and chooses the name Shaiel. [TSR-H-392]

Birth date of Elisa al’Vere, daughter of Brandelwyn and Marin al’Vere. [FTTR-xxii]

976 NE Tear and Illian cease fighting. Tam al’Thor continues to serve in the Illian army. [TWORJTWOT-120 / TGH-TP-105]

King Laman of Cairhien cuts down Avendoraldera in order to construct a unique throne. [TFOH-H-686]

Late Spring: The beginning of the Aiel War. In response to the actions of King Laman, four Aiel clans (Nakai, Reyn, Taardad and Shaarad) under the leadership of Janduin cross the Spine of the World and attack Cairhien. [TEOTW-H-660]

Summer (less than three months after the start of the Aiel War): Cadsuane Melaidhrin, already a legend among Aes Sedai, comes out of retirement. [ACOS-H-335 / NSTN-H-228]

The Aiel clans capture Cairhien and burn the city, except its library, a few months into the Aiel War. [TWORJTWOT-121]

Birth date of Jol, later an apprentice to Kin Tovere. [TFOH-H-464]

Circa: Birth date of Amico Nagoyin, later an Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah. [TDR-H-235]

Circa: Tarna Feir is raised to the shawl of the Aes Sedai. She chooses the Red Ajah. [COT-H-521]

978 NE Danu 2nd • Dawn: Shaiel gives birth to a son on the slopes of Dragonmount during the Battle of the Shining Walls. The infant, Shaiel having died after giving birth, is found by Tam al’Thor, blademaster and Second Captain of the Illian Companions, who later returns with the child to Emond’s Field. Tam and Kari name the infant Rand and raise him as their own son. [TEOTW-H-73 / TGH-TP-105-108 / LOC-H-710]

998 NE Circa: Neferi, High Lady Tuon’s Soe’feia, dies unexpectedly in an accident. She is replaced by Anath, who is chosen by the Empress herself. [WH-H-323]

Winter: The Two Rivers, as well as most of the land, suffers from an unusual and brutal winter. [TEOTW-C1]

Winter: Trollocs attack the nations of Kandor, Arafel and Saldea continuously through the winter in raids whose scope have not been seen since the Trolloc Wars. [TEOTW-H-586]

Late Winter: Trollocs and Myrddraal travel through the Ways to the Two Rivers, exiting from the Waygate in the ruins of Manetheren. [TEOTW-H-599]

Late Winter: Moiraine and Lan (having posed as Alys and Andra) leave Baerlon for the Two Rivers. Later that day the Children of the Light arrive in Baerlon in response to the troubles in Ghealdan caused by Logain. [TWOTW-H-157]

Spring (3 days before Winternight): Mat Cauthon sees a stranger in Emond’s Field—a mysterious man on horseback (a Myrddraal). [TEOTW-H-12]

Spring (1 day before Winternight): Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred and her warder Lan arrive in Emond’s Field in the evening. [TEOTW-H-19]

Spring (1 day before Winternight): Perrin Aybara sees a stranger (a Myrddraal) on horseback in Emond’s Field at twilight. [TEOTW-H-37]

Spring (1 day before Winternight): A gleeman, Thom Merrilin, arrives in Emond’s Field in the middle of the night. [TEOTW-H-13]

Third Age

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