to Cairhien

Egwene’s portal took us right to Cairhien, and right in the middle of an aiel camp. She could have warned us about this, I guess I’ll have to mention that the next time we meet. The situation could have gotten ugly but Niasha talked to the aiel and they let us pass to the city itself. First thing I did was going to the dragon reborn immediately to talk to him about what had happened since I left. He didn’t seem very pleased and I was informed he doesn’t want to see an Aes Sedai, but I managed to persuade them otherwise so I was led to him anyways. I told him about what is going on in Salidar, and that I was asked to be his advisor. He didn’t seem very pleased with that, and would only agree to it if I swore an oath to him. This has left me with little choice. If I want to do my duty to the tower and to the world I have to be near this man, so I accepted. Afterwards we talked some more and it seems he doesn’t me me as much as the other Aes Sedai, my tendecy to speak my mind no matter what seems to appeal to him. Must be refreshing for a man like himself to have someone around who won’t just say what he wants to hear.

With that out of the way I went to do some research in the royal library regarding the rods of dominion and the prophecies of the dragon. It didn’t take long before Roland came walking in with Niasha, and a big slab of stone he had tore of some building. A strange pawprint was burnt into the stone and Raimund and me quickly found out this sort of print is left by darkhounds, powerful hunters for the dark one. Having one loose in the city is not a good thing, especially since these creatures tend to run in packs. So Raimund alerted the Aiel that these creatures are in town and we joined the hunt for them. My warder wanted to scout the sewers on his own, but knowing darkhounds I deced to join him. If we encountered them there, he would need my help in dealing with them. Roland and Niasha joined us in the sewers and it didn’t take long before we found tracks, and were attacked by the entire pack, surrounding us from all sides. I quickly threw up a ward that would keep them away from us while Roland locked them in. It didn’t take us long after that to destroy the vile creatures, but in trapping them there, Roland had closed off one of the sewers, so water was starting to build up. I tore apart one of the walls to let the water pass, and we left, Raimund carrying me out. Maybe he likes the dress I was wearing.

The rest of the days passed quietly. City is being repaired, and I have had time to investigate the library some more. Raimund is acting strange though, he seemed more reclusive then normal and even left me alone in the library while going into the city. It wasn’t until a few days later I learned why. Apparently he’s planning on training a replacement for himself as warder. I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought about that and we had another fight right there and then about it. He’s acting so strange since we talked about my oath to the dragon reborn. What he said reassured me, but he seems more distant then ever, and now this new warder crap. I did agree to meet the man he had selected, just to see what kind of person he has picked, and it turns out that I’d not have wanted to miss this for the world. The man in question is no less then the son of Bornhald, the famous whitecloak commander. This certainly brightened my day. It also defused the situation between Raimund and me it seems. I was getting tired of his distant behavior so I confronted him with it and again we talked. It seems it has gotten better again, I’m glad he’s gotten back to the way he acted before, looser, more caring. I know something has changed as he has left that small piece of linnen he always carries around on my nightstand. It is something of importance to him so I’m now carrying it with me, close to my heart.

The days after this were rather uneventful, until I woke up one morning with Raimund gone, and the bond strange, different, more distant. But he was still alive and still alright so I didn’t worry too much about it, not until one of the Aiel wise ones came to me to say that my warder was trapped in the dreamworld. I have no idea of how to get him out of there so I asked the wise ones to deal with it, as they’re far more experienced in such matters. They seemed to have helped as Raimund came back shortly after, telling of what had happened. Apparently he has met a girl from the borderlands int he dreamworld, a blademaster who’s looking for her father. In that regard she wanted an audiance with the dragon reborn so i told her to talk to Roland, who got her to talk to the Dragon Reborn. He arrival in Cairhien however was not the only one that was strange. Not long after an ogier carrying one of the foul trolloc swords, and an aiel in armor came to talk to the dragon reborn, claiming they had escaped from some trollocs and had travelled all the way from te borderlands to Cairhien to meet with him. And these were not the last to arrive. Raimund’s older brother, Damor, has also arrived to join his forces with that of the dragon reborn, two thousand borderlanders. Raimund hadn’t even noticed his arrival, but the name sounded so familiar that I pointed it out to him. The family reunion was a bit colder then I expected, but his brother seems nice enough.

to Cairhien

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