Laying with her eyes open, Nealyn listened to the sound around her, the soft creaking of wood int he wind, the breathing of the horses, the scuttle of a rat somewhere in they hay. She closed her eyes again and breathed deeply before sighing softly. The empty barn had been close to where she had fought the two men, and had been a welcome restingplace, the soft hay she was laying on was comfortable as she had tended to the wound at her side. The weave had healed most of the damage but had left her exhausted, but still she struggled to stay awake for a little longer as she had been keenly aware of the bond since she had been wounded. Her warder was close, and she could feel his worry, worry and fear for a woman he had never met, maybe would never like, but he would rush to her nonetheless to save her. It felt awkwardly comforting to know. With that thought she closed her eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

As she woke up the next morning she was feeling better already, the wound in her side still hurt a little, a dull aching she easily pushed to the back of her mind as she tended to the horses and then made ready to depart again. Today she would meet with the man her best friend had taken as her guardian.

Unlike the days before she rode slowly along the road this morning, She had rushed and rushed the past days to reach her warder, but now that she was nearing him, she realised she had no idea what she would say when they met. Grianne was dead and this man was at least partially responsible, as it had been his duty to guard her life. But should she say that, should she rub it in his face, something he probably realised well enough, something he’d carry around the rest of his life either way. No, he decided against it, she would find out what happened, but she wouldn’t make it harder on him then it already was. All of these thoughts occupied her mind as she rode onwards slowly, but a nagging feeling of somethign different, something wrong crept into her thoughts. At first she didn’t know what it was but then suddenly realised his composure had changed, his thoughts were different, angrier. Something was wrong.

She urged the horses forward, pushing them into a gallop. She had not gone more then a hundred feet as she suddenly felt the stab of pain in her back as her warder got struck. She gasped and pushed it back in her mind, urging the horses to go faster still.

The fight had seized a few minutes before, she had felt that it were over and that he had won,or at least had survived. As she rode onto the field where the two horses stood grazing she looked around before dismounting and drew the sword on her back, just in case. Striding carefully over the grass she first noticed the headless body of a man she didn’t know, then her eyes fell on the body of her warder. She sighed softly as she felt his strength fading. Kneeling down beside him she brushed the hair from his face and smiled.

“foolish boy, did you really think you would get away from me this easily”

She tore his shirt and started to inspect the wounds, before she reached out to the one power, embracing it and drinking in it deeper then she ever had, before placing her hands over the wounds and weaving her strands, the cuts closing under her fingers, the bruises mending, the snapped ribs moving back in place.

“you’ll be fine my warder, it may take a while but your wounds will heal”

As she was finished she sat back and wiped sweat from her brow. It had been close, maybe a bit too close.


She frowned as she looked at him but he had already sunk back into unconsciousness.

“no my friend, I am not Grianne”

Her voice was soft, caring, more meant for herself then for him. She sighed and then stood up, making sure the horses were tied down before she gathered everything lying around, then she moved back to her sleeping warder.

“this is going to be the first and the last time i’m ever going to undress you, i certainly hope you understand that”

She said it with a chuckle as she started to take off his ripped and bloody clothing, tossing it to the side before putting bandages over the freshly healed wounds, and then putting on a fresh shirt. With a few large branches and her tent she made a litter for him to lay on, and tied it to the back of one of the horses.

“those wounds wil be healed in a few days, and you’ll be back at full strength, but i’m afraid that the worst of your wounds i cannot heal, only time will mend those, but i’ll give you a bit of that time to start with, i know just the place for us to rest a while”

Witht hat she guided the horses down the road and towards a village nearby. There she would be able to board the ferry to Whitebridge, and from there move further way from civilisation, and from trouble, and find her warder a place to heal.


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