Waking up

My name is Raimund Ka-Hal. I was born in Shienar. I lost two of my brothers, my mother and my father in a Trollok raid. My last remaining brother now governs our house and my little sister now lives in Illian, wife to a merchant I have never met. I have not seen any of them in years. I am a Warder in service of the Aes Sedai of Tar Valon. Through the one power I am bound to one of them and it is my duty to defend them with my life. My first charge, Grianne Sedai, died because of my carelesness and now I serve another, Nealyn Sedai. I write this because I was told it would help me recover from some of my wounds. It is not my intent to allow anyone to read this but should someone stumble upon this document in the ages to come I hope they learn one thing from my experiences, caution.

Even though Edwing turned out to be a darkfriend I have decided to take up his offer and write down a journal of all that happens to me in the next months. Edwing assured me that it would help me deal with some of my problems and although the source of the advice may be questionable I hope to honor Edwing’s charge, Amella Sedai, by using this notebook the way she intended.

I awoke on a river-barge heading north on the Manetherendrelle. My head still hurt but my broken bones had healed and the cuts in my flesh had dissappeared without leaving any scars, a tell tale sign of healing done by the One Power. As soon as the fog lifted from my mind I could feel my new charge close by. From what I could tell she took care of me well enough while I was out. Most of my wounds were healed, probably by the One power, and the others were cleaned and bound. My sword and cloak were close by as were my few other possesions. My sword was in it’s sheathe all be it uncleaned. I met her only a few moments later. She was on deck but came to see me as soon as she noticed I was awake.

Nealyn Sedai is her name. Cairhienin from origin. Small and thin. Mid-long light-brown hair. Pretty, attractive even. And strict, even more so than most Aes Sedai. I would have excpected her to be pleased that I was awake but she seemed angry. She is from the brown Ajah although her demeanor would befit a red sister just as well. Obviously a recluse, used to having her own way. As most sisters of the brown Ajah she is unaware of most things in the world around her. She must have left Cairhien at a young age for she lacks the subtelty and flair that even the commoners there posses. She insists on carrying a sword even though my presence makes such a precaution unnecessary.

After our awkward introduction she informed me that we were on our way to Whitebridge. From there we would travel on to Caemlin. She left me in peace for the next couple of days probably sensing I was in no mood to talk. I still dream of Grianne every night. Sometimes I can hear her calling and a voice inside says that she is waiting for me. Death is not an option yet however, I still have work to do here. But one day…. During the day it is hard to concentrate sometimes but Edwing’s meditation helps.

After a few days I awoke at night to hear trouble up on deck. I almost lost my head when I went to see what was going on. Trollocks were attacking the boat that had been tied down at the shore for the night. Together with Nealyn Sedai and several of the sailors we managed to get them off the boat while the captain set sail. The trollocks had closed off most of the Manetherendrelle and we were forced to follow the Taren river. As to why that many trollocks would venture so far south I have no idea. Several days later we came upon an encampment of Whitecloaks and the captain decided to choose the lesser of two evils. Nealyn Sedai and I made it off the boat and through the camp without much difficulty. We wanted to travel east but encountered trollocks at every turn. By my estimates close to twenty thousand of the beasts were in the region, a force unseen since the trollockwars. The trollock army was encircling us and forcing us to head south-west, back to the river and the whitecloaks. While we were making our way through the woods we met two strange men. A Saldean guard and a man dressed in black with too much selfconfidence. We went our seperate ways but met up again at the whitecloak encampment as they were attacked by the so called soldiers of the Light. Nealyn Sedai helped them escape and that night we made our way across the river without being seen. The two men were heading towards a place named Edmond’s Field and Nealyn Sedai decided to accompany them. I cannot say I agreed with her. Two men alone in a forest filled with shadowspan…. It screamed darkfriends to me. The next day we met two other Aes Sedai and their warders. Verin Sedai of the brown Ajah, Alanna Sedai from the green and their three Warders. I must say I felt more at ease with three of my brothers to help protect Nealyn Sedai. We arrived at Edmond’s Field the next day to find it in the middle of a battle against the trollocks. At first we all held back not to get caught fighting over ten thousand trollocks but eventually the two men, Alanna Sedai and her Warders joined in. Nealyn Sedai remained behind to observe so my sword remained in it’s sheathe as well. The voices were stronger then they had ever been before however, pleading me to join the fight, to die against the shadow and take my place at Grianne’s side once more. The bond is too strong to ignore though. It shackles me not only to Nealyn Sedai but to this world as well, for now.

To everyone’s surprise the people of Edmond’s Field defeated the trollocks. If I have to guess I would say the reason why is their leader, a strange man with yellow eyes named Perrin. Nealyn Sedai decided to remain in Edmond’s Field for a few days to help it’s people recover before heading east again.

Waking up

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