Raimund Ka-Hal

Woodsman lvl5/ Armsman lvl1/ Warder lvl 4

Strength 15 (+2)
Dexterity 18 (+4)
Constitution 18 (+4)
Intelligence 15 (+2)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 12 (+1)
Initiative Speed
+10 30 feet
Base Attack Grapple
+10 +12
Hitpoints Hit Dice
133 (6d10+4d12+40)
DEF 24
Touch 24
Flat-footed 24
Saves Modifiers
Fort 11
Ref 10
Will 15
mwk warder’s sword +15 (1d10+3 19-20/x2)
Class abilities
Woodsman Nature’s warrior (plains), track, partial improved initiative, woodland stealth +2, bonus feat
Armsman bonus feat
Warder warder’s cloak, harm’s way, defensive awareness, deflect attack+1, Iron Will
Skill Bonus Modifiers
Balance +8
Hide +27
Intimidate +5
Knowledge (blight) +6
Listen +14
Move silently +17
Ride +8
Spot +19
Tumble +9
Wilderness lore +13
Composure +8
Heroic surge
Weapon Finesse
Combat reflexes
Combat expertise
Battle cry
Power Attack
Common (borderlands)
Old tongue)

Raimund was born the fourth son of a minor noble house in Shienar. As his brothers he received training in combat and joined the ever lasting watch to keep back the Blight. In a raid by trollocks on a watchtower Raimund lost two of his older brothers, his father and his mother, of his family only the eldest son (Damor), his younger sister (Selisse) and he survived. Damor was given control of the house but had a very hard time dealing with the loss. He feared loosing the rest of his family so he wanted to keep them as far away from the Blight as possible. He married off Selisse to a rich merchant in Illian and sent her to live with him and tried to convince Raimund to go with her as her house guard. Raimund’s head was filled with thoughts of honor and glory however and refused to take such a menial position. Finally Damor found a task Raimund could not refuse. He managed to get Raimund invited to train to become a Warder at Tar Valon. Mostly against his own will Raimund accepted and travaled to Tar Valon. Although he missed his family and still wanted to take up his duty as a citizen of Shienar to fight back the Blight he came to accept the importance of the Warders.

Because of his previous training in Shienar Raimund graduated quickly and was chosen by an Aes Sedai of the blue Ajah named Grianne. Raimund had hoped to be bonded by a member of the green Ajah so he could take up the fight against shadowspan once more but Grianne mostly visited the many courts and dealt with matters of information and espionage. Because of this their relationship wasn’t that great at first. Raimund would follow orders but was usually bored or depressed. Sensing this Grianne tried to better the understanding between the two of them and over time Raimund came to understand, like and eventually even love his charge. This new relationship Raimund and Grianne shared did not improve his capabilities as a Warder however. Raimund now looked at Grianne more and more as a woman and less as an Aes Sedai and his charge. This ended in her tragical death. After having spend the night together Raimund awoke in shock the moment his bond with Grianne ended. The door to their room at the royal palace in Ebou Dar was open and Grianne was in bed next to him with a dagger stabbed through her throat. No sign of the murderer could be found. Raimund had let down his guard for one night and Grianne had paid the price. Raimund was ready to do what most failed warders do, travel to the Blight and fight to the death when he felt the tug of a bond. Apparantly Grianne had anticipated her death and had transfered her bond to another Aes Sedai. She had never talked about this with him so he knew nothing of the woman he had been passed on to. Raimund decided not to make the same mistake twice. It had been his emotions that had made him fail at his task so this time he would lock them away. He would not allow himself to feel anything, be it disappointment, anger or love, for his new charge. He vowed to simply do his job, follow her orders and protect her from harm. He carries a small piece of blood-stained silk with him, a piece of the bed-linnen Grianne died in. He stares at it for 10 to 15 minutes each night while meditating to remind him of his failure, the reason of his failure, and his task

Raimund Ka-Hal

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