Nealyn Sedai

Initiate lvl 4, Wilder lvl 2, Aes Sedai lvl 4

Strength 12 (+1)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 15 (+2)
Intelligence 18 (+4)
Wisdom 15 (+2)
Charisma 18 (+4)
Initiative Speed
+2 30 feet
Base Attack Grapple
+5 +1
Hitpoints Hit Dice
57 (8d4+2d6+20)
DEF 18
Touch 18
Flat-footed 16
Saves Modifiers
Fort 9
Ref 8
Will 15
Masterwork Longsword +7 (1d8+1 19-20/x2)
Class abilities
Initiate Weavesight, Slow aging, 3 bonus feats
Wilder overchanneling, bonus feat
Aes Sedai Aes Sedai presence, Iron will, Resources, Gleeman’s lore
Skill Bonus Modifiers
Composure +15
Concentration +15
Decipher script +5
Intimidate +21
Knowledge (arcana) +8
Knowledge (history) +9
Knowledge (local) +8
Knowledge (Nobility) +9
Knowledge (age of legends) +10
Search +19
Sense motive +15
Weavesight +21
Gather information +7
Heal +4
Knowledge (blight) +5
Diplomacy +5
Sense Residue
Latent foreteller
Tie off weave
Eliminate block
Iron will
Martial Weapon proficiency longsword
Extra affinity fire
Common (borderlands)
Common (Cairhien)
Common (aiel)
Old Tongue

Nealyn Sedai was born as Nealyn Demain, daughter of a cairhien noble int he city of Cairhien itself. It became apparent very early that she had the ability to channel and was sent to the white tower for training. Born with a natural curiosity for things she went with pleasure, eager to see the fabled city and it’s white tower. She was roomed with an accepted named Grianne. Even thought here were substantial differences between both of them, they became friends very fast, sharing a lot of time together, even though their interests greatly differed. Nealyn for one never showed interest in the warders, and while almost all of her fellow accepted spent time watching the training and gawking over the young strong men doing their best to impress the young ladies, Nealyn only went to watch once, to pleasure Grianne, and after 15 minutes made it abudantly clear what she thought of the use of time, and went back to her room to read a book. Being a rather pretty girl herself, she of course had drawn the attention of some of the warders in training and many of them vowed they’d break the icy heart and be her warder.

As time passed Nealyn grew stronger in her use of the one power and finally came to the moment of her test, which she passed with flying colours. Her choice of Ajah however was cause of some concernation, as she had been expected to either choose blue, like her best friend, or red, as was predicted by her attitude. However her choice, without a single doubt in her mind, was brown.

As years passed, Nealyn spent a lot of her time travelling the surrounding country and going even as far as the big cities in the borderlands and andor. but never thought she of taking a warder to protect her, ignoring the insistance of her sisters, claiming she wasn’t going to do anything that warranted having one. She could be persuaded to take a few tower guards with her, being short of ordered to do so, but even now she ignored the warders eager to have her as charge.

When the time came for Grianne to go on an important mission, the two of them decided to spend the last day together and talk about things past, but the day turned out to be a bit more faithful, and painful, then first though, as Nealyn suddenly placed down her glass of wine during dinner and spoke a prediction of events to come, something that had never happened before. The prediction included a dark shadow hanging over her Sister. Not knowing what to make of it, Grianne decided to go on the mission anyways, but made her preparations, making sure if anything happened to her, her warder wouldn’t suffer from it. She managed to convince Nealyn to take over the bond if something happened to her, well knowing Nealyn would investigate what had happened. that way she could make sure both her warder and her best friend were protected.

A long time had passed when Nealyn was sitting in the library of Caemlyn when she suddenly felt the tug of the bond as it passed to her.

Nealyn Sedai

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