Roland Grimm

Wilder lvl 2/ Initiate lvl 4/ Asha'Man lvl 7

Strength 12 (+1)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 18 (+4)
Charisma 18 (+4)
Initiative Speed Madness
+6 30 feet 19
Base Attack Grapple
+6 +7
Hitpoints Hit Dice
110 (2d6+4d4+7d6+37)
DEF 19
Touch 12
Flat-footed 17
Saves Modifiers
Fort 15
Ref 9
Will 17
Sword Warder’s +8 (1d10+1 19-20/x2)
Class Abilities
Wilder Block, Elementalism Talent, Fire Affinity, Multiweave
Initiate Weavesight, Sense Residue, Earth Singing Talent, Earth Affinity, Tie Off Weave, Slow Aging, Air Affinity
Asha’man Asha’man presence, Iron will, Asha’man Combat Casting, Offensive Control, Improved Intiative, Great Fortitude, Improved Offensive Control, Water Affinity
Skill Bonus Modifiers
Bluff +22
Concentration +19
Composure +8
Diplomacy +13
Gather Information +11
Intimidate +15
Invert +13
Knowledge: Blight +13
Sense Motive +14
Spot +14
Weavesight +22
Street smart
Remove block
Weapon prof. (longsword)
Extra affinity (spirit)
Talent: Traveling
Old Blood
Talent: Mental Stability
Common (midlands)
Common (Illian)
Common (Tairen)
Common (Aradoman)
Old Tongue

His history is clouded in myths and rumours, some which seem to large for him and others which seem to small for him. But if there is one thing that can be said… every rumour usually holds a hint of truth. Yet even than, Roland doesn’t know whom his parents were and when he was young. He was too scared that a Red Ajah would find and kill him. So due to that he was on the run for a long time. Trying to hide his magical abilities from those around him. He learned how to talk out of things, bluff his way through situations and if that didn’t help, intimidated his way through it. If there was one thing he learned was to never hesitate. React instinctively. Which sometimes made him burst into what seemed to be a flare of anger. A flare of violence and when he became violent, things would start burning. Leaving a pile of ashes in his wake, even as a child things like that happened. But after such an event he had to flee and hide for weeks, sometimes even months. He didn’t wanted to be caught. It was during one of those wild goose chases that he happened upon a mysterious man. Someone who took him in and recognised his power. Roland was still very young at that age. The man was a magic user himself. He started to teach Roland how to harness his power proper. And that is how he grew as the man he is today. The teacher was as merciless as Roland himself. Burning away anyone or anything that opposed him. It was a way that Roland had adapted himself. Than as Roland grew older and more experienced. The man told him that he had to leave. But he didn’t just leave, he told Roland to go to the newly formed order of the Asha’man to be recruited by them. It was supposedly written in the wheel that it was his destiny. So he send forth his charge, but before he did so, he gave Roland a coin, which he still has up to today. No one knows about the coin, only Roland and he never showed it to anyone. Silently hoping that his teacher would return someday. The only thing that saddens him up to this day, is that he never got to learn his teachers name. But when he looks at the coin nowadays, he wonders if it held a hidden message, the symbol on the coin. It resembled his adopted banner rather closely. Two dragons and a yin and yang.


The banner of Roland Grimm and his Claws and Scales of the Dragon. An elite order of Asha’man specialised in striking deep into enemy territory and leaving havoc and mayhem behind. It represents the tattoos which he had Niasha have on their chest, his of Chieftain of the Aiel and hers of Wise One of the Aiel. The white Dragon in a black field is Roland’s dragon, the black dragon in a white field is Niasha’s dragon.

The necklace he has gotten from Niasha before she joined the ranks of the Wise Ones.

Roland Grimm

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