Karin Dalenshar


Karin was born in a small town close to Saldea. Her parents were killed by a Seanchan man when she was but a toddler. The man responsible came to his senses and couldn’t leave the girl. To atone for his sin he raised the girl as his own. Training her in the art of the sword. She carries a Heron marked sword given to her by her father.

Karin considers him her own father, she remembers nothing of her father. He left some time ago without her knowledge, she is now searching for him. She wears a symbol that was his, the symbol from The Truthseekers. She also has some raven tattoos given to her by her “father”. She doesn’t really know what they mean to people in the mainland, most are to afraid to tell her. She has hunted a few Darkfriends, she can’t stomach the site of strong exploiting the weak. She doesn’t share that opinion for female channelers. After all she was mostly raised in the Seanchan way.

She is not a bad person but she is having trouble adjusting to her new life without her father. And the other side of the stories told to her are confusing.

Her father

Her blade

Karin Dalenshar

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